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Small Business Owner Services

There's great freedom in working for yourself. But with that autonomy comes great responsibility. BMH was founded by true business entrepreneurs and we appreciate and understand what it takes to operate a business, retain employees and stay competitive in an evolving marketplace.

If you're like many of our business owner clients, you're so occupied with working in your business that working on your business sometimes takes a back seat. Your business faces many risks that cannot be controlled, so why not manage those that can? Your risk management and succession plans are your safety net, and BMH can help you design plans that will help create the future for your business.

You'll also have access to any combination of benefit options - including 401(k)'s, stock option and profit sharing plans, deferred compensation plans, key person insurance plans, and a wealth of others that are specifically designed to allow you the maximum tax benefits while saving for your retirement and providing your employees with incentives.